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James Husbands is an illustrator and storyboard artist. James works across film, television, advertising and print with most of today's leading directors including: Wim Wenders, Rupert Wyatt, Mike Figgis, Kevin Macdonald, David Schwimmer, Sam Brown, Jaume Collet Serra and Tarsem Singh to name a few. 

About James

Welcome to James' website. James is an illustrator and storyboard artist, working across film, television, advertising, digital and print. Some of the directors and clients he has worked with can be found in the Directors and Clients section of the site, so please take a look. 

James' illustrations have appeared in a variety of national newspapers and magazines, and again, the press snippets can be found in the media coverage section of his site.

Owners of his work include Derren Brown, Gordon Ramsay OBE, Ronnie Irani, Ian Wright MBE, Darren Gough and Joe Calzaghe CBE.

After studying art and design, James was employed by several major broadcasters before turning full-time to illustration and storyboarding. James' background has given him a great platform to understand the pressures that both clients and production houses face on a job so he is aware that deadlines can't be missed!


James draws really quickly and understands the language of film makers. James is also more than happy to work remotely as he is at his fastest when he has his own tools around! 

James either draws freehand or directly into the screen using a Cintiq. He'll then tidy up and finish the work in Photoshop. The finished products are sent directly back to the client/agency in the required format via FTP or email.


James Husbands