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James Husbands is an illustrator and storyboard artist. James works across film, television, advertising and print with most of today's leading directors including: Wim Wenders, Rupert Wyatt, Mike Figgis, Kevin Macdonald, David Schwimmer, Sam Brown, Jaume Collet Serra and Tarsem Singh to name a few. 

Sir Alex Ferguson v Jose Mourinho: The Love Match


Sir Alex Ferguson v Jose Mourinho: The Love Match


This week’s biggest Champions league clash sees two old mates square off against each other in a Valentine spectacular. Will Man U’s clash with Real see the end of the love affair between Fergie and Jose? The special one has a massive 6-1 advantage over Sir Alex so it’s amazing that they even speak let alone get on. The bookies think that Madrid will add to Mourinho’s advantage tomorrow night and I think they could be right but as long as they’re not out of sight I think United can do a job at Old Trafford.

MSN Sport also thought it was a good way to depict their love match and have placed the image on their homepage. You can see MSN's full article here...

Sir Alex v Mourinho