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James Husbands is an illustrator and storyboard artist. James works across film, television, advertising and print with most of today's leading directors including: Wim Wenders, Rupert Wyatt, Mike Figgis, Kevin Macdonald, David Schwimmer, Sam Brown, Jaume Collet Serra and Tarsem Singh to name a few. 


Viral Video of the Week: Nike's "Winner Stays"


According to the Wall Street Journal, the viral video of the week is the Nike, “Winner Stays,” campaign that I produced the storyboards for. The campaign launched on Friday, has generated approximately 41.4 million views and more than 85,000 tweets as of  Wednesday morning, according to data from Visible Measures, which tracks online viewership. The two videos in the “Risk Everything” campaign have taken in nearly 52 million views, more than 98,000 tweets and more than 504,000 Facebook interactions. Click here for the full article.